About Us

No matter what your business is, you can benefit from getting your online ranking up. In the age of technology every business needs to make sure that their online sites are SEO rich and easy for your consumer to find. Remember that people will more than likely search for you using keywords, so the only way to get your online ranking up is by making sure that your site utilises the full potential of SEO services.

Most companies think that once they have a website people will be able to find them, but that’s not how it works. If your home page is devoid of any SEO rich copy search engines won’t pick up your site and you’ll end up clicking the “next” button until you realise you only appear on page 356, and that’s only because your company’s name just happens to include a keyword.

But there’s also the danger of keyword stuffing. Don’t think that you can slap together some copy for your home page and just list a whole lot of keywords, you need to be able to weave your keywords seamlessly into your copy or search engines will penalise your site. Why? Because this results in a negative experience for the user and can ultimately harm your online ranking.

No one knows SEO better than 100 Degrees, we offer a comprehensive SEO service that will make sure your website has the right copy in the right places while seamlessly integrating your preferred keywords. And we’ll do it without keyword stuffing. For the best SEO services in town, contact 100 Degrees now.